African Penguins

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The African penguin is the only resident penguin of Africa. These birds are found along the coast where they breed in colonies on islands, as well as on a few spots on the main land. They use their wings as flippers to propel them through the water when hunting fish. African penguins will usually mate […]

Reptiles – Part 5

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Lizards – Squamata Lizards are an artificial grouping of species that make up the order Squamata along with snakes. There are more than 4500 species of lizards in the world. Many lizards appear to be limited to their ranges by substrate type rather than climate. A lizard species can therefore be found either only on […]

Snakes and Snakebites

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Last month I once again spent my Saturday morning at another fascinating lecture from Bushtalk. This time the speaker was Johan Marais and the topic was Snakes and Snakebites. This is quite a touchy topic as many people are afraid of snakes and don’t want anything to do with them. However if you do not […]

Buffalo Fact File

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Scientific name: Syncherus caffer Weight: Males: 700-800kg     Females: 550-750kg Length: 3,2 – 4,4m Tail length: 70cm Shoulder height: 1-1,4m Record horn length: 124,8cm Gestation period: 330-340 days Number of young: 1calf Weight at birth: 33-40kg Life span: 15-20 years Description: Buffalo are very large, heavily built animals. They have relatively short but strong legs to […]

Reptiles – Part 4

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Reptiles groups Snakes – Squamata There are more than 3000 snake species in the world. Snakes are elongate, limbless carnivores that consume large, infrequent meals. They have a wide gape and moveable skull bones to do this. Snakes teeth are specialized for piercing, injecting venom and holding onto prey, rather than cutting it into pieces. […]

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve

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We decided to spend a few days in Ezemvelo Nature Reserve outside Pretoria, close to Bronkhorstspruit. We were driven to the reserve and upon arrival we immediately saw plenty of general game like Zebra, Blue and Black Wildebeest, Blesbuck and Springbuck. We also saw interesting birds on the way to camp, with the highlights being […]

June Holiday – Day 6 – Final Part

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The drive back home from Nelspruit was pretty uninspiring. We did see a few new birds for the trip, including Striped Kingfisher, Long-crested Eagle and Groundscraper Thrush. Other than that it was a dull and long drive. Even though this holiday is over, we had a great time and made lasting memories. So for this […]